Who we are

Hi, we are Bakehouse — the community of professionals devoted to video shooting and photography. We thoroughly select the most capable team for each particular project recruiting all around the world.

Our principles

We shoot and produce video at any point of the globe from the storyboard to the endcrawl. We can do it all: script, directing, crew management, post. This is what they might call a full-cycle video production. Although we are keenly searching for a better sounding definition.

What we do

We are mad about the extreme sports. That is why we have no fear of extreme shooting conditions: we have filmed in Аmerican desert just as well as in the forests of Belorussia at -—30°С. We have swam in the Indian ocean and mounted the Alpine slopes with the camera. We are not afraid of timeframes and deadlines. We have even done s 263-hour long broadcast with broadcasting points around the entire city of Moscow.

We are the real geeks. If there has just been released the new action camera or a new messenger for better teamwork — rest assured that we have tried it already. For the very same reason the requests to send a .ppt presentation break our hearts.

It is convenient to shoot with us. We keep the crew as comfortable as would the hosts of a small family-owned boutique hotel. Good meals, quick transfers, timely payments — we have learned well enough that there are no minor things on set.

We don’t make projects to put on the shelve. We don’t «shoot on the Mk» and do not produce 100 videos «turnkey» for ₽100000 each. Leave those things to amateurs. We know our job. So let’s talk about how we can make the best of it.