Polina Kanis The Pool


The video The Pool exposes reality in all its dreamy ambiguity. People enter a relatively shallow pool and inexplicably disappear. The Pool displays the condition of a sealed vacuum thrust and plunged into reality by the suspicion of our essential experiences. The video reflects a borderline state where the exhaustiveness of the border is enhanced by the closed space of a sealed bunker hosting an impossible event that is half-hidden by the surface of the water. There is another border, which separates what we see from what is happening. The framing of the video directs the attention so that it follows the logic of a dream that is indistinguishable from reality. It is the video of airtight sense, airtight space and the airtight subject, estranged from itself and the socium of subjects who are just the same as it. The integral, visual nature of a nightmare shimmers onto us. Nothing happens there, other than the invisible catastrophe.